7 Tips to organize the cleaning supplies

With lots of cleaning supplies on hand, it’s sometimes hard to find what you need. What a mess! Whether you have a cabinet, a closet or some other space to store your cleaning supplies, we’ve found the best tips and tricks for getting them organized. Put the cleaning supplies that you use every day together in a basket for easy access. Use baskets to hold sponges, cloths, dusters and other things that you wipe down surfaces with. I do keep basic kitchen cleaning items under the kitchen sink and a smaller bathroom cleaning kit in each bathroom so they are all handy for quick cleanings, but this closet holds all of the basic. Store mops on a wall-mounted rack. It requires only a few inches of space to store several mops or brooms. Why let go of the space under the stairs when you can install a closet for storing the vacuum cleaner and other items?

Throw Them On a Cart

This rolling cart means you can pull your products with you from room to room — instead of having to take multiple trips to corral all your essentials. Even better: You can stash it out of sight when you're done.

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Get Creative

Sure, this organizer was designed for shoes, but it's just as savvy when used for spray bottles and hand brushes. It'll also free up some shelves in an already-cramped linen closet.

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Go Higher

When in doubt, add a few shelves. Then label tubs by room (bathroom, kitchen, you get the picture) so you don't have to sort through multiple containers to find the cleaner you need.

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Look to Cabinet Doors

Why wouldn't you put everything you need to clean your bathroom in your bathroom? Maybe because you don't have space — until you add some savvy baskets on the back of your cabinet door, that is.

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Room-Ready Cleaning Caddies

For less rummaging, organize the products you need for each room in labeled bins and keep them on an easy-to-reach shelf in the laundry room. Chalkboard-style labels are cute and functional, so come cleaning day, all you have to do is grab one and go!

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Shabby Chic Utility Cabinet

Store brooms, dustpans, spray cleaners and more in a decor-friendly utility cabinet. Transform the regular louvered door by cutting a pretty peek-a-boo to showcase a top-shelf display. No one will guess what's inside.

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Install a tension rod

Another quick fix for the tight space under your kitchen sink? Just install a tension rod, and hang your spray bottles on them! Now you’ll be able to grab your Windex or all-purpose cleaner in a pinch.

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