BACK TO WORK Tradesmen and cleaners working in people’s homes set to return to work next week

TRADESMEN and private cleaners are set to return to work next week as lockdown is eased in the UK.

New guidelines will allow domestic helpers to work in other people's homes as long as they follow safety advice to avoid spreading coronavirus.

Cleaners, tradesmen - including plumbers - and nannies all fall under the relaxed rules and will be urged to return to work next week.

But households self-isolating due to the disease or any with vulnerable occupants cannot re-employ their workers, the government guidance states.

And in turn, any domestic staff must ensure they are "well and have no symptoms" before returning to work.

The new safety guidance also state nannies must maintain a 2m distance from household occupants they are not providing care for.


Cleaners and maintenance workers should contact families 20 minutes before they arrive so homeowners can prepare to keep a safe distance.

Once inside, they have to wash their hands for 20 seconds and are urged to continue to do so during their time at the property.

Cleaners are also being encouraged to open windows while working to allow the room to ventilate - with all workers asked to get paid electronically when possible.

The latest rules will provide a boost to cash-strapped domestic workers, who are often self-employed or hired through an agency.

It will also be a relief to Brits who rely on cleaners and nannies to help them out at home.

Lockdown rules had already been eased for cleaners and nannies earlier this week as Boris Johnson prepares to address the nation today night.

The move has been welcomed by cleaning companies, who say their workers have struggled financially throughout the crisis.

Housekeep has encouraged families to book one of their employees, saying: "If everybody in your home is well, you can continue to book your housekeeper as normal."

It comes as garden centres are set to reopen next week under Boris' "unlockdown" master plan.


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