Britain overtakes China in COVID-19 deaths

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Almost the whole world is affected by a pandemic of a new type of virus, new reports are emerging every day about the number of deaths and infections from different countries. For example, according to figures released on April 3, Britain is ahead of China in terms of the number of victims of coronavirus infection. According to foreign media reports, the number of deaths in the United Kingdom has increased by 684 people to 3 605. We recall that, based on World Health Organization data, the number of coronavirus deaths in China does not exceed 3 350.

According to recent estimates, over 970,000 are currently infected worldwide and over 50,000 have died from COVID-19 disease. If we look at the statistics on the infected, then the US leads by a huge margin - 213 600, in Italy and Spain - respectively 115 thousand and 110 thousand cases. However, Italy is ahead of almost all countries in the world in terms of deaths: nearly 14,000 killed. Spain ranks second - just over 10,000, with nearly 4,800 deaths reported in the United States.


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