Covid-19 we're only here for a little while


Yes this is the situation at the moment. I watch people walk around each other, keeping a distance. Scared, nervous and tired. It's terrifying to watch no one want to touch anything. Masks, gloves and antibacterial gels are a top priority for everyone. But people are gone.

On the one hand, this is good for me because too many people strangle me. It's hard for me to get air in the crowd and get a panic attack. Ask someone how I chose to come right here to London after it was clearly overcrowded. Ambition! Yes! She brought me. However, I have never imagined that such a large city as London could ever see it so deserted. It is depressing even for me, scary to some extent.

I work as a wiper. The beginning was very difficult. I cried out of powerlessness. I have a purity craze, and this here ... doesn't fit into my mind at all. Do you know how clean it is in hotels, for example? Yes it was my first job. From there, I know that when I stay in a hotel, I have to wash the bathroom before use it, not use coffee cups, walk barefoot on the ground, and not sit on the sofa without a blanket on top. Why?! Because the people there work to the limit of their strength. There are a certain number of rooms to make for the day, and that number is not possible to be covered. That's why they close their eyes and just try to give the room a decent look. But for the purpose, behind the screen of a supposedly flawless room, dirt has been piling up for years. One towel is used for everything, there is simply no time, what is at hand is used. There is no point in talking about the rest. Anyway, life goes on.

And it goes on to this day. Even more absurd.

Before I go to work I have to make preliminary correspondence with the client (I never thought that I would have to do it, namely to ask about someone's health condition to know if it was safe to meet him ). Everyone is frightened by the COVID-19 situation, some more, some less. No one is in a hurry! It's terrifying knowing the pace of life in general here. And I'm not in a hurry! Everything seemed to stop and no direction was visible. I don't even know what to think. The information is unclear. People turned it into a joke. There are ironic posts on social networks.

On the other hand, the media are trying to highlight the gravity of this global problem - or fate ?! No, I do not believe in fate but rather I think it is our fault. We have lost the land we live on. We strangled her with our quest for development, to see a better future. Our sick ambitions have led us to this situation. In my country, we have a sentiment that says, "no one can do what you do yourself ." I came here for a better future, driven by my own ambition. I believed it would be better. The truth, however, that I finally understood, is that it is the same everywhere. The street is the street, the house - the house, the city - the city, the people - the people, it makes no difference. There is no conscience and morality, we have stepped on it for a long time and are looking at our own interests. We are ready at any cost to achieve our goals. And what?! We killed what was given to us and now we have the consequences. And we will overcome this because we are great and can do anything. But let's think! We will not live forever, the proof is before our eyes. We need to think about the future we leave behind, because we're only here for a little while.

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