Lili Ivanova London True or False

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Lili Ivanova a famous Bulgarian singer. She started her career singing popular Italian, French and Russian hits. The singer's music style is distinctive, having strong meaningful lyrics and memorable tunes. Her music from the 1960s and 1970s was marked by complex and rich orchestrations, dramatic transitions between quiet and loud moments, often played with a brass band, string orchestra and electric guitars, with accents of piano or Hammond organ, backing vocals (sometimes choral) and a reverberation to the voice of the performer. Subsequently, with the style going out of fashion, the singer began performing music composed with electronic musical instruments. Since 2000 Ivanova has been accompanied at her live performances by several musicians – mainly pianist, violinist, guitarist and a saxophonist. The singer has repeatedly stated the importance of the songs' lyrics and the message they convey to the public. Throughout her career she has shown interest in experimenting with new sounds and has expanded her repertoire with compositions in rock, soul, rhythm and blues, Balkan ethno and jazz. Ivanova has had over 11,000 concerts and many tours abroad, mainly in the former USSR (and Russia in the 1990s). She has also performed in Germany, Cuba, Japan, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Portugal, Brazil, United Kingdom etc. as well as several tours in the US and Canada singing for Bulgarian immigrants there.

London tube picture 21/02/2020

On the London Underground Train, towards the popular and aristocratic Hampstead area, we meet a familiar face from the Bulgarian show business Lily Ivanova. Or so we think! The striking resemblance does not go unnoticed. The style of dress, the features of the face, growth, the shape of the hair.

Black leather clothes, shoes and a bag. Small in stature, a weak figure hidden beneath the rough black color of leather clothes.

The emblematic hair style with long bangs almost covers the eyes straight hair in blond color.

London tube picture 21/02/2020

Whether it is her or not! The resemblance is incredible. It may be true that everyone has a double, somewhere in the world.

Why not?

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