Organization Ideas That'll Make Your Space Feel So Much Bigger

Hang Strategically

The easiest way to end up with a disorganized closet is by hanging up clothes without even thinking about it. To keep things sectioned off, hang blouses, tops, and skirts above built-in shelves, and long dresses and pants when nothing is underneath.


Install a Wall Shelf

If you ran out of room in your closet, you can display your prettiest items in your bedroom to double as decor. Add a multi-level wall shelf or slide in an etagere. Made sure it didn't take up too much visual real estate by painting it white so it blends in with the wall. Psst... You can also make more of your wall space by using brackets as an extra place to hang things.


Plan Your Outfits

If you have empty space under your bed, put your out-of-season clothing in plastic organizers, or opt for rolling crates. Storage solution, but no power tools required. You'll just need a bed skirt.


Try Wicker Baskets

Storage baskets keep your junk out of sight, and they look chic on open-shelves.

Bonus: You can get them on the cheap.


Try A Shoe Organizer

Shoe can be a pain to store in a closet — they seem to topple over at the slightest touch. Instead, a special boot organizer can safely house five pairs in the "footprint" of one.

And it's best to get them out of the bedroom and store them near the front door.

Unless you have too many.


Use Wasted Wall Space

Instead of hanging scarves, belts, and other accessories on hangers and taking up valuable rod space, try this trick. Attach a towel bar to unused wall space to create a personalized display for your collection.


Utilize the Corners

In this dream closet designed, the classic white shades dress down the more glamorous elements of the space. All they need is a fresh coat of paint to feel new again. And while the large windows let the natural light pour in (perfect for getting ready) that means there's less useable wall space, which also means every inch is precious. The built-in benches feature storage underneath and the custom corner shelves provide a home for bags.

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